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These are all symptoms of an ineffective MASTER PRODUCTION system.

You need to improve visibility of the production workflow.

  • From Sales/Customer Service

  • To master production management

  • Through to a direct line to the factory floor


  • It’s the fundamental key to making profit in a manufacturing business.

Good master production scheduling is the heart of a manufacturing operation, the very cornerstone of the industrial revolution and the concept of mass production manufacturing. Just how well you coordinate those workers, machines and raw materials dictates how much profit you will make.

  • Getting it wrong means you will lose customers.

Accounting software and job costing only tells you how much you lost – a month later. Good scheduling software shows you the problem is happening NOW or SOON and enables you to take corrective action.

Good scheduling software enables you to roster your staff to meet demand fluctuations at the least overtime cost.
It makes sure that materials are delivered to the machines on time for startup, or perpetually provides alternate jobs as necessary not only to keep those machines running..

but also to cope with the inevitable relentless variables of the manufacturing environment – both planned and unplanned (reactive). This alone reduces quality issues and product returns.

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Tomorrow is too late to react to a production issue. If not fixed today, it’s already cost you money.

ERP Solutions are designed to handle accounting, with production as an afterthought.

MORE MX is built by manufacturers, for manufacturers, and through continuous improvement is helping our customers achieve The Goal.