The MORE Manufacturing philosophy


In Manufacturing (like professional sports), its all about minimising mistakes. Mistakes cost you the game. So it is unforgivable for software to 'allow' duplicate entries, accidental keying mistakes and lack of critical visibility of data. Software should illuminate the problems and bottlenecks (Lean) and ring the alert bells, not hide the mess within obsure data.

MM has a novel user interface that visually and intuitively exposes the opportunities for improvement. Highlights forecast capacity issues before they occur and enables you to take preventative action. And full traceability of actions that 'did' happen.

Manufacturing is all about repeatability. Defining accurate product specifications for repeatable quality. Traceability collecting data from whatever devices are available, for accurate data with minimum effort.

Our customers range from one of the largest publicly listed manufacturing companies in the world, to some of the smallest! We achieve this through bolt on integration with our finance systems of choice while we take care of the Manufacturing operations. MM focuses on Operations management and does that exclusively and well, letting the finance system know what it needs to do using the most minimalistic approach possible. We let the accountants do the tax, with their tool of choice. But for everything operational from order entry through dispatch, MM is a seamless operations management module, coordinating raw materials and multi-stage production into managed finished goods logistics.

What MoreMX is all about:

So you are a manufacturer. Some Make To Order some Make To Stock.

Your customer wants to buy a product. You have to define how to make it, what are the dimensions, cost the processes and provide a price and date.

The customer accepts the order. If you've got it in stock (or soon) you can schedule the delivery straight out of stock.

If not, you need to raise a workorder to manufacture it.

That means issuing specific work instructions for each department of manufacture, and scheduling the process flow in with all the other jobs you're already making and monitoring its progress to complete on time.

Although you have many different jobs with different due dates moving through the same resources over fixed working hours and capacities, you need to deliver each job on time for its 'own' promised due date.

You need comprehensive and precise manufacturing instructions and dimensions to attain conformance to standards and minimise mistakes. You need the latest version of the spec at any time, and logging of spec changes.

You need real-time inventory management and effortless barcode scanning to ensure you are using the right raw materials and that they are arriving in a timely manner to each machine to facilitate minimal changeover time and delays.

You need MRP to obtain purchased raw materials in time allowing for supply lead time, to facilitate JIT.

You need quality measurements at appropriate intervals during the processing of each order to ensure compliance and pick up defects early for corrective action.

You need to be able to respond to market changes, customer requests, urgent push-ins and capacity changes and unexected breakdowns, do what-if modelling to maintain an optimum plan despite the fluid operating environment.

You may also require a Dispatch and Load management system to make light work of the daily Dispatch paperwork.

Crunching the numbers:

Then you need to crunch the numbers. Cost Accounting for Manufacturers is much more complex than a simple typical Distribution business who is simply buying something in, marking it up then selling it. You need ABC costing, powered by MORE.